Welcome to Elevenses, a monthly round-up of my favorite articles and resources related to language, writing, editing, and freelancing.

C82 | Between the Words →

Several of my copy editor friends shared this Medium post about punctuation in novels, which led me to the gorgeous Between the Words poster set. I want to cover every available wall in my townhouse with this amazing artwork, which visualizes what novels would look like without words—just the punctuation. (Read more about the project in a Wired article from January 2016.)

Diana Urban | 98 Book Marketing Ideas for Authors →

If you read my recent blog post about tools for self-publishing and wanted an even more extensive list about how to market your own book, please check out this article. Diana gives advice for every stage of the marketing process, from book cover design to author websites to social media campaigns.

Jeff Goins | What Nobody Tells You about Being a Best-selling Author →

While I do love irony, this link is not intended to be a contradiction to the previous link. Instead, it is a valuable reminder to be careful how you define success for your project—whether that is a self-published collection of poems or a traditionally published book. Aiming for a "best seller" list may not be the best goal for you or your readers.

CMOS Shop Talk | Libraries and Books for Young People →

This interview with a librarian, Louise Brueggemann of the Chicago area, genuinely lifted my spirits. I cherished the time I spent in my local library as a child, and I hope that future generations continue to find value and joy in their own libraries. "As communities’ needs change, libraries change to meet those needs. I believe that the future of libraries is bright."

You Don't Say | Three Journalistic Tics You Can Safely Drop →

Sometimes, it's okay to break the rules. In this case, it's encouraged. These tics are rather subtle ones (in my opinion), so I am rather excited to look for them in my own writing and to keep them in mind for future editing projects.