Howdy! If you're reading this, it means I have successfully relaunched Second Breakfast Media with a new purpose and a new look and a new blog. (Yay! Doughnuts for everyone!) One of the things I'm most excited about with this fresh start is having a place to talk about words and punctuation marks and sentence structure—the wonderfully mundane elements that make up so much of our everyday communication. Written language is a powerful tool, possibly now more than ever, and I love exploring both its history and its future.

But First, An Introduction:

I'm Rachel, and I love a well-placed semicolon. I keep a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style next to my bed, own three grammar-related Twitter accounts, and have been banned by my boyfriend from looking at restaurant menus because I always find at least one error.

For the past eight years, I was employed full-time at a non-profit near Chicago, IL, as the Communications Specialist (an ironically vague title). It was a wonderful opportunity to hone my skills in graphic design, writing, and copy editing. However, in October 2015, I resigned that position in the hopes of moving to Tennessee to be closer to my grandparents. Thus, I archived the design portfolio on Second Breakfast and rebuilt the site to offer my services as a freelance proofreader and copy editor.

What to Expect:

This blog is a place for me to share what I'm learning about the written language (beyond just my obsession with semicolons), what I'm discovering about this new career path (freelance proofreading and editing), and the great resources I come across along the way (books, articles, websites, podcasts, etc.).

New posts will be published every Friday; subscribe via email or get post notifications and more by following @SecondBreakfast on Twitter.