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Grammar Girl | Why Is There an Apostrophe in “Hallowe’en”? →

I love learning the history of words and holidays, and I'm also a sucker for being overly fancy sometimes—just for the fun of it.

You Don't Say | AP Stylebook, let me lend a hand →

John E. McIntyre recommends changes that the next Associated Press Stylebook could incorporate "in the interest of making the stylebook resemble a publication of the current century." I don't agree with all of the suggestions, but I do enjoy well-written opinions (and reading someone else's thoughts about the evolution of the English language).

  Chicago Manual of Style,  always within reach

Chicago Manual of Style, always within reach

CMOS Shop Talk | Searching CMOS Online →

Last week, I joked about sleeping with a Chicago Manual of Style near my bed, and the truth is that I really do have it nearby at all times. I reference it regularly and have bookmarked favorite sections, but I occasionally get lost when looking for more obscure content. That said, I'm delighted to find out that "you can use the online edition to find things in the print edition even if you don’t subscribe online." Basically, the search bar on the CMOS website functions as a faster and more reliable way to tell you what page to turn to in the book.

Goins, Writer | Resources for Writers, Communicators, and Platform Builders →

I want to say this gently: Jeff Goins has one of the only websites for writers that doesn't look like it was assembled by a colorblind prankster. It makes me so gosh dang happy. The best writing and the best editing are supported by the best design—all three elements are important for effective communication. Check out the rest of his site for free webinars and paid courses, but start with this list of resources, covering everything from web hosting to email marketing to book publishing.

Referral Codes for October (Not Sponsored)

Square is the company I chose for invoicing clients at Second Breakfast Media. Sign up using the referral link to process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free during your first 180 days: https://squareup.com/i/0FC7A713.

Airtable is a cool online spreadsheet solution that adds database functionality in a really intuitive way. I've been using the site to create a database of music I own and will soon be moving on to build a virtual library of books I own or have read. A free account is working well for me, but you can get $20 of credit by signing up, reading the tutorial, and downloading the mobile app: https://airtable.com/invite/zoLb7OEa.